Extra Power Magnetic Holdfasts

Extra Power Magnetic Holdfasts
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Have tremendous power.
Provided with Push Off Screw to push
   work away from the holdfasts as this
   cannot be done by hand.
Also provided with plated Keepers which protect
   and retain magnetic field.
Can be used to hold work for welding, grinding. Ideal for
   making inexpensive lifting devices and jigs.
Have many applications in material handling and machine shop.


 Diameter   Magnetic Pull   Model   Product Name   Price   Buy Now 
1-3/4" 45 lbs.  MG2391340   EXTRA POWER MAGNETIC HOLDFASTS   $43.35 
2-1/8" 70 lbs.  MG2392180   EXTRA POWER MAGNETIC HOLDFASTS   $54.13 
2-3/4" 110 lbs.  MG2392340   EXTRA POWER MAGNETIC HOLDFASTS   $64.91 
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