Screw Pitch Gages

Screw Pitch Gages
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Product Description

Very handy gage to quickly determine the pitch of various threads
Made of high quality polished tool steel
Features a locking device at both ends to securely lock the leaves
All leaves clearly marked with size
Comes in a plastic pouch


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 PR12890040   SCREW PITCH GAGE   $6.80 
 PR1665442   #4-#42 SCREW PITCH GAGES   $7.20 
 PR1675001   0.25-2.5MM SCREW PITCH GAGES   $7.20 
 PR1675002   SCREW PITCH GAGE   $7.50 
 PR2451116   SCREW PITCH GAGE   $11.00 
 PR2451118   SCREW PITCH GAGE   $13.00 
 PR1670484   SCREW PITCH GAGE   $14.90 
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