faqHere is a guide on how to use our website:

We are so happy that you have arrived at our new website. 

First thing to do is to create a new account. 

Fill out the fields and click create new account at the bottom of the page. 

That's it you are all done. We will take it from there!

Confused about your old account number? confused about how to login with your old id?

Forget about old ID's & old passwords. 

We are all starting fresh, since it's a brand new website.

Simply create an account. 

What about my discounts?

Once your account is approved you will see your discounts.

How do I check stock?

Log in as a returning customer & simply click the stock check button. 

Do I need to be logged in to check stock?


Still having some trouble?

Click on our chatbot for additional assistance. 

Is there still free shipping on web orders?

Yes BUT it's now Free shipping on orders over $500 net price. 

I can't see my discounts, why?

Just log out once and back in they should all take effect. 

How do I search your Parts?

Easy. It goes like this. 

List series. One space and then the size.

Can you show me an example?

Sure. 300 1/2