Vernier Height Gages

Vernier Height Gages
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Amply proportioned measuring beams and bases for extra rigidity.

Satin - chrome Finish
Double Spaced Vernier
Vernier Scale : 1/1000” x 1/50mm
Magnifying Glass
Fitted Case

Sliding scale permitting all measurement
to start from an even reference point.


 Range   Model   Product Name   Price   Buy Now 
0-12" 0-300MM  PR1500112   0-12" VERNIER HEIGHT GAGE   $94.00 
0-18"/0-450MM  PR1500118   0-18" VERNIER HEIGHT GAGE   $133.50 
0-24"/0-600MM  PR1500124   0-24" VERNIER HEIGHT GAGE   $224.00 
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