Adjustable Jaw Self-Centering Power Chucks


Type A American Standard Spindles

†To order chucks with Draw Tubes, change the
reference number as shown above each listing.

(Example: to order chuck number Y20-640-12-A06 with a draw
tube, change the refrence number to Y20-643-12-A06.) Most
of the chucks listed in this catalog are for direct mounting on
Type A American Standard Spindles. Other chuck sizes and
spindle seats are available on request.

All power chucks are carefully designed and are built to provide
accurate repetitive workholding. Bodies are of steel with all
moving surfaces precision ground and all wearing surfaces
flame-hardened and ground. Internal parts are protected by
dust plates carefully fitted to the chuck face, thereby preventing
the entry of chips and dirt. Reliability combined with heavy
duty type performance enables these chucks to be used for
most types of workholding over a long, rugged, trouble-free
service life.

Self-centering Power Chucks with American Standard Master
Jaws providing independent jaw action are simple and quick
to adjust. This series of chucks is designed for accurate,
expeditious holding of irregularly shaped workpieces. Initial
accuracy maintained on repetitive chucking operations. Balanced
to eliminate vibration and chatter at high RPM.

Note: Chucks listed below do not include top jaws. All chucks
in sizes 12" and larger are furnished with T-slots.

2 & 3-Jaw Chucks
2-Jaw Chucks
3 Jaw Chucks